About Us

The Posh Review is a site dedicated to everything Stylish, Elegant, and Exclusive 24/7.  Launched in 2009, The Posh Review was created to quench the luxury & unique lifestyle thirsts of our society.  The Posh Review entertains and informs readers about luxury life, eco friendly living, unique art exhibitions, philanthropy, Icons of daily life/social media, and offers incredible giveaways.  We also focus on unique topics of all varieties that denote themselves to a lavish and fulfilling lifestyle for all.  The site allows its readers to travel from their home or work desk into international territories to learn about all things posh; The Posh Review also covers its 5 POSH CITIES [Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia] providing city guides for those who live there, have recently moved, or are looking to vacation / plan a trip. ThePoshReview.com is a one stop source to a luxury lifestyle and all things POSH!